Thank you to our donors: Beaverbrooks Charitable Trust, Garfield Weston Foundation, Sarah and John Haslam, Sharon and Tim Senn, The Ruia Family, The Franeys, Rodger Burnham, The Kirkham Family, The Ponter Family, Rosalind and Nicholas Morrill, Mrs Anne Ross (nee Perry, Class of 1960), The Arora Foundation, Mr and Mrs D Singh, Neil and Eleanor Demby, Elisabeth Lee, Fadi and Zeina Kabbani, Gareth and Kim Williams, Grace and Iain Dewsnap, Danny and Lisa Hodari, Martin and Jing Griffin, Martyn and Valerie Torevell, Mr and Mrs Westbrook, Nabeel Chowdery, Neil and Sue Davidson, Patrick and Karen Coyne, Paula Riedel, Roger and Rosemary Edwards, Dr S Guo and Mrs R Nie, Sanjeev and Anita Mehan, Sarfraz and Suraiya Rehman, Savannah Wisdom, Simon and Vanessa Clarke, Simon and Victoria Pooler, Ken Edmonds, Mr and Mrs Bell, Janet Pickering, Elinor and Emilie Claymore, Michael and Trudie Mesrie, The Loftus Family, Mrs Sue Marks

Online Roll of Honour

Building work on our new sports extension was completed in May 2018. This project would not have been possible without generous donations from our supporters. Your donations have helped us to provide inspirational new sports facilities for our pupils that will motivate them to get active and stay active for life. Thank you very much for your kind support.

Watch the video below to see the state-of-the-art facilities that your gift has helped to fund. You can also click here to see photographs of this inspirational new building.

A donor who has given £100 or more towards the Sports Campaign is eligible to have their name included on our Online Roll of Honour, which you can see above. Gifts of more than £1000 (£1,250 with Gift Aid) are included on a dedicated Donor Board, which is on display in the new Sports Centre.

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