Foreign Language Showcase Day 2014


Foreign Language Showcase Day – cost £2,500

Key Points:

• This is an event aimed at both pupils and their parents which will demonstrate the importance of studying languages at GCSE and beyond
• The aim is to clearly show how language skills open up opportunities in modern careers
• The day will comprise of an assembly, keynote speakers from international companies, a Convention, displays, and lunchtime films and discussions
• Alumnae who studied languages and who are now working in interesting roles in international careers will be invited to contribute to the day
• The foreign language teaching staff have asked for funding to help pay for the travel costs of the speakers and for display and promotional materials for the convention.

The foreign language teaching staff have teamed together and would like to deliver a one day event to promote importance of studying languages at GCSE and beyond –and the role languages play in careers. This key event will be supported by an assembly, displays and lunchtime films and talks or discussions and themed meals at lunchtime. Language lessons during the week will also focus on the importance of studying languages.
The outline programme will contain two one-hour inspirational sessions which will consist of talks delivered by two highly experienced and charismatic individuals. One will be aimed at Years 7-9 and one at Year 10 and beyond. These talks will demonstrate how having language skills opens up opportunities in many fields such as medicine, business, marketing, ICT and education. In the afternoon there will be a Convention where pupils and parents will have the opportunity to talk to alumnae and people about the role languages have played in their careers. The event will be promoted via posters and a leaflet and through the website and an email campaign to parents and pupils.

Ideas for invited speakers include Alumnae such as Alison Coxon, Claire Nance and Sarah Rowley, Judith Parker, Katrina Limond, Tena Walker, Sabrina Klein, Gabby Martin, Katarina Holt and D. Vaish. Representatives from international companies such as Bosch and Siemens will be invited and a representative from the Erasmus programme will also be invited to advise on funding for studying abroad.

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