Development Office

The Development Office was established in 2005 with the aim of supporting the School in its vision to enable a fully needs-blind admissions process where any student can attend the School regardless of their financial situation. Our role now includes:

– Helping to keep Alumnae in touch with School and with each other

– Fundraising to help the Bursary Fund to continue to grow and thrive

– Fundraising for other projects to enhance the School’s current facilities to offer the best possible educational opportunities for all the girls

– Coordinating offers of careers support for Alumnae and pupils

– Organising events and reunions for Alumnae and former staff

– Communicating with the Withington community by means of : Withington Onwards our alumnae annual magazine, the School Bulletin, e Newsletters and social media

– Coordinating the work of the Withington Alumnae Association, Withington Onwards

 For contact details please visit A&D contact page.

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