Withington Onwards 2018

Welcome our first online Withington Onwards magazine!

This year’s very exciting ‘Amazing Brain’ edition is packed full of news from the Development Office and updates on your fellow Withington alumnae. As you will see, in 2018 the magazine has had a brand-new look. This is because we wanted to make sure the edition looked great for all our readers- whether online or in print. We hope you’ll agree that it looks fantastic!

In this magazine, we celebrate the 100th birthday of former Withington pupil and eminent neuroscientist Dr Brenda Milner. Read more about Brenda’s fascinating career inside, as well as articles from other Old Girls who have left Withington to forge careers in science and medicine, with a focus on the amazing brain.

You can read Withington Onwards, in full, via Issuu below. Click the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the box to see the edition enlarged in full-screen mode. If you would prefer to see a PDF version of the magazine, click here.

We hope you enjoy this online edition of Withington Onwards. We are very grateful to all the alumnae and former staff who have contributed to this magazine and supported us at various events and reunions this year. Thank you also to donors to our Bursary FundAnnual Fund, Sports Campaign and those who have left a gift in their will for the benefit of future Withingtonians. Your continuing support is greatly appreciated by everyone here at Withington.

Please do keep your contact details and subscription preferences up to date, so that we can make sure you’re only hearing from us in the way you want to. Log in to the alumnae portal or get in touch by email (development@wgs.org) or phone (0161 249 3494) to inform us of any changes you’d like to make to the way we contact you in future.

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