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You can now access plenty of Alumnae news online, whether that’s through the School’s website or the Development Team’s active social media channels.

Social media is another great way for the Development Office at Withington to keep in touch with Alumnae from all over the world and share information about our latest campaigns and projects, and many of our Old Girls use our social media channels to arrange class reunions and meet-ups, find out what their old school friends are up to, share updates on their family lives and careers, view the latest finds from the School archive and, of course, reach out to long lost school friends!


Perhaps our busiest channel, our Facebook page is always buzzing with exciting news and updates from nearly 1500 members! It is operated on a private ‘invite only’ basis, meaning only Old Girls and former staff can use it. This means that any news you wish to share will only reach an audience of Withington Alumnae, who are always very interested to hear what their fellow Old Girls have to say!

Find us on Facebook by searching for ‘Withington Onwards’

Withington Onwards Facebook



Our Twitter feed is a great way to receive news snippets and links to exciting features on the Development Team web pages. You’ll also see plenty of updates from Old Girls, photos and documents from the School Archive, and information about Alumnae events and reunions.

@WGSAlumnae Twitter

When you find us on Twitter, feel free to follow us so that we can add you to our Alumnae list, where you will be able to see updates and tweets exclusively from Withington Old Girls. Due to the nature of some Twitter handles, we can’t always tell who has followed us, so if you’re an Old Girl and your handle doesn’t directly reference your name, please drop us a direct message and make yourself known so that we can add you to the list!


Our network of over 500 Old Girls on LinkedIn is constantly growing, and reflects the hugely varied range of careers and industry sectors our Alumnae enter after leaving Withington.

We use LinkedIn primarily as a tool to develop our ‘First Step Q&A’ profiles and gather career news and updates to share with other Alumnae and current pupils. Our Careers Officer is always keen to find out about the diverse and interesting jobs our Old Girls do, and may sometimes wish to contact you for advice for current pupils. Similarly, if you think you can share useful information about your particular career, or if your company offers work-shadowing, graduate schemes or other valuable opportunities you might want to share with current pupils or recent leavers, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you to spread the word!

Please note we will always approach you for permission for before publishing any information about your career, and we will never pass on contact details without first checking that you wish to be contacted.

LinkedIn Alumnae Group

LinkedIn group

When you link with us, you’ll be added to the WGS Alumnae group. Please feel free to use this group to raise any questions you may have, or requests for career or further education advice. Our Alumnae have a wealth of experience in many areas and the chances are that someone will be able to answer your question or offer advice. Don’t be afraid to reach out and connect with people, our Old Girls are usually more than happy to help a fellow Withingtonian!

We may occasionally use this group to request help from Old Girls, for example career mentors for recent leavers, ‘university buddies’, or Alumnae who might be willing to attend careers-focused events back at the School.

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