Meet Our Calling Team

All of our calling team are either former or current Withington pupils.

Sadie (Class of 2018)

I love the sense of community Withington creates. It was amazing to learn and grow surrounded by like-minded girls during my time there. I really appreciate how the school teaches girls to nurture their ambition and not to be afraid of achieving their potential in all aspects of life.

I’m currently studying Biological Sciences at university and I hope to pursue a career in Biology after finishing my degree. I’d love to get more involved in Plant Science and potentially become a scientific researcher.

I wanted to get involved in this campaign as a way of giving back to the school, as it did so much to help me during my seven years there. I wouldn’t be the person I am today had I not attended Withington so it will be nice to return and help out in any way I can. I’m looking forward to getting to talk to other Withington alumnae, and learn about their experiences at the school and what they’ve achieved since then. 

Jenny (Class of 2019)

My favourite thing about Withington is the way that everyone is equal. There is no social hierarchy. All girls are always there for one another when it counts, and that’s something you don’t see at some schools.

I really feel like Withington has made a huge positive impact on my life, from my friends, to the teachers, to the opportunities the school has offered me. I believe it’s very important to remember that and I’m keen to share those memories with others.

I’m looking forward to chatting with a variety of alumnae and parents, comparing our memories of WGS and meeting some new people. It will be interesting to see how people’s experiences of Withington have changed over the years!

I’m hoping to begin studying Maths at university in October this year, following my completion of A Levels in Maths, Further Maths and Physics. Beyond that, I have very little idea of what the future holds for me – hopefully I can work that out at university!

Florence (Class of 2019)

My experience at Withington is one that I will never forget. One of my favourite things is the inclusive nature of the school. I remember my first day in Year 8, coming into a school where I didn’t know anyone. I was immediately welcomed into the diverse Withington community, making me feel at home and allowing me to achieve things that I never thought that I would.

I love the number of opportunities that are available here at Withington that allow girls to develop their skills in many different areas, as well as making memories that will last them a lifetime. There is something for everyone to try at Withington, no matter what their interests.

I am hoping to go on to study medicine at university in the Autumn. I think that the telephone campaign will be a good opportunity for me to develop my communication and listening skills, as they will be invaluable in my medical career. I am looking forward to hearing alumnae’s favourite moments during their time at Withington, as well as sharing some of mine.

The telephone campaign as an amazing opportunity for me to give back to a school that has done so much for me. I want the school to be able to offer the amazing opportunities that were given to me to other girls, so that they can benefit from a unique and special experience at Withington. 

Eleanor (Class of 2018)

My favourite thing about my time at WGS was the huge number of extracurricular activities available, as they helped me to broaden my horizons and develop new interests. These projects enabled me to gain confidence and get to know people across a variety of year groups. I particularly enjoyed getting involved in the Music Department.

I’m currently studying Geography at Cambridge. My teacher, Mrs Buckley, was a very positive influence. She showed us the incredible value of Geography, especially now with climate change and other issues facing our world. In the future I also hope to teach Geography.

I wanted to get involved in the telethon campaign because I had such a positive experience at Withington and feel that I have benefitted so much from the opportunities offered by the school.   I would especially like to help raise funds for the bursary scheme, as I feel passionate about continuing to widen participation at Withington for girls from all backgrounds. I would like others to have the experience and access to resources that I did.

I’m also looking forward to speaking with new people and sharing our experiences of Withington. 

Andrea (Class of 2018)

For me there’s a real feeling of community at Withington. We were all able to talk to each other and everyone was looking out for everyone else.

Being involved in this campaign enables me to give back to the community that supported me so much and allowed me to reach the place I am today. The Bursary Fund is so important to me. I’d love to help raise money for such a good cause, knowing that I am helping girls receive an incredible education that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.

I’m studying Biological Sciences at university and I’m involved in the Life Science Society there. I’m very interested in Genetics, as I’m fascinated with the building blocks of life and how they affect our lives. In the future I’d love to become a trained genetic counsellor through the NHS Scientist Training Programme and work to help and reassure people who are predisposed to genetic conditions. 

Shamae (Sixth Form Student)

My favourite thing about WGS is the sense of community and respect. At WGS, there is a unique relationship between students, between year groups and between students and teachers which allows us to explore ideas and not feel confined to simply answering with the ‘correct’ answer.

I wanted to get involved with the telephone campaign as the opportunities and values that Withington gives to students is unparalleled; to give other students the same opportunities as I am lucky enough to have experienced would help to give them confidence for the future.

I’m currently studying Politics, Economics and Spanish A Levels and would like to go on to study Politics at university. I’m aiming to work in the City before going into politics or using my Chinese and Spanish to work in a sector that involves diplomacy or foreign relations.

I’m interested to find out where WGS alumnae are today. I ‘m looking forward to hearing about their individual stories and how Withington helped to pave the way to their futures.

Ipsita (Sixth Form student)

My favourite thing about Withington is definitely the family-like, informal environment where everyone is welcome and individuality is celebrated. I’m currently studying Politics, Economics and Maths A Levels and I hope to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at university. In the future I would love to have a career in Economics.

I’m looking forward to talking to alumnae and gaining an insight into what life entails after Withington. The main reason I wanted to get involved with the telephone campaign is because I want to give back to school by raising money for the Bursary Fund to ensure that Withington is accessible to everyone, regardless of one’s financial situation. I’ll also gain invaluable transferable skills whilst working alongside my friends!

Kea (Sixth Form student)

Withington has a huge sense of community about it, perhaps because of its smaller size. This goes hand in hand with a sense of unity across the whole school, encouraged and maintained by whole school events and activities.

I wanted to get involved in this campaign in order to encourage more people to invest into the Bursary Fund, as well as to be personally involved in the development of the bursary scheme. I’m hoping that this will allow other students to have amazing opportunities at Withington with reduced financial worry.  I’m also looking forward to gaining the experience of being in the workplace whilst being within a familiar and comforting environment.

Currently I am studying Spanish, English Language and Music A Levels. Music is my passion. I’m involved with several music ensembles at school, including Senior Choir, Chamber Choir, Senior Orchestra and the Percussion Ensemble. In the future I hope to be a composer of music used in films and media. I would also like to build up a social presence that will allow me to encourage and inspire youth globally.

Isobel (Class of 2018)

Withington has done so much for me over the 11 years I attended, shaping me into the person I am today and helping me with all my achievements. I love being able to give back in any way possible.

I think my favourite thing about WGS was the environment. Although an academically stretching school, Withington always seemed to turn learning into a fun activity – making lessons and school days an enjoyable experience.

The bursary fund cannot be faulted – it gives opportunities to deserving girls that might not otherwise have been able to attend a school like Withington. I believe that equal opportunities are one of the most important things in society, therefore I think what I am looking forward to most is seeing the money be raised for such a worthwhile cause.

I’m currently studying for a BSc in Economics & Management. In the future I am hoping to combine my degree with social policy; I would like to work for a global institute that looks into helping less developed countries.

Katie (Class of 2019)

I wanted to get involved in the telephone campaign because it seems like a great way to raise funds for a very important cause. It means that other girls can have access to the same kind of opportunities and education as I have done. I have loved my time at Withington. I was involved in the hockey and Lacrosse teams, as well as the orchestra and clarinet choir. Probably my favourite thing about Withington is the community feel that is promoted through the sports, music, the House System and so much more!

I am really looking forward to speaking to a range of alumnae to share their experiences as well as raising money for an important cause. I think this experience will also help to build my teamworking and communication skills, something that will be very beneficial for both university and the world of work.

Next year I am planning to study Economics and Geography at university but beyond that I am not entirely sure. I am passionate about sustainability, so potentially a career in environmental consultancy, policy or law would suit me.

Mansi (Class of 2019)

I’ve really enjoyed studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths A Levels at Withington. In the future I would definitely like to be involved in a scientific field, I’m still unsure whether that will be Medicine or Chemistry.

I wanted to get involved in the telephone campaign because I thought it would enable me to gain an insight into life after Withington and to learn about the many possible options that can be explored in life. I am looking forward to talking to new people and hearing about their various experiences, especially when going on to higher education. This opportunity will also mean I can develop my communication skills even further.

My favourite thing about Withington is the small, yet caring community and environment. The supportive teachers and students make the schooling experience most enjoyable and everyone is made to feel very welcomed.

Ella (Class of 2016)  

One of my favourite things about WGS was the close family atmosphere and how you really felt valued as an individual. I think that the dynamic between pupils, and between pupils and teachers, was really nurturing.

I wanted to get involved with the telephone campaign to give back to the community which I value so much in helping me to become the person I am today. I am looking forward to interacting with alumnae and others related to the school and hearing interesting and unique experiences of Withington.

School gave me the confidence to pursue my artistic interests and I have just gained a Distinction on my Art Foundation course. Next year I will be studying Politics at university in London. I hope to become a journalist although I am not sure in what area yet – my interests range from politics to fashion!

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