Financial Assistance

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We don’t want financial circumstances to be a barrier preventing girls who have demonstrated their potential to take up a place at our school.

So we are committed to providing support (called a bursary) to those families in most financial need, enabling their daughters to fulfil that potential and take up a place here.

Bursaries are funded by The Marjorie Hulme Bursary Fund through the generosity of donors, charities, trusts, foundations and by school funds. Our governors are investing in generations of Withington pupils by donating the equivalent of 4% of fee income each year to the WGS Trust (Charity Number 505207) for financial assistance.

Bursary support is worth a considerable amount, so a rigorous process is in place to identify which families should be awarded bursaries.

Demand for bursaries far exceeds the bursary funding available and there are a limited number of full bursaries. Please note that if you apply for a bursary, it is not a given that you will be awarded a bursary, even if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Please read our Bursary Policy to find out more about eligibility and the criteria for bursary applications.

Bursary Policy

Key points to note

  • You should indicate at the time of completing the school’s application form that you wish your daughter to be considered for a bursary.
  • Means-tested bursaries are only available for external candidates joining us in years 5, 6, 7 and 12.
  • A guideline figure for qualifying household income is £60,000 per annum or less.
  • If your gross income from all sources exceeds £80,000 per year you are unlikely to qualify for an award.
  • To ensure impartiality and good governance, we have appointed an independent company, Bursary Assessment Associates, to conduct a financial review of families’ circumstances.
  • Once we receive an application where bursary interest is indicated, we provide a link to a confidential online bursary application form. This is processed and managed by Bursary Assessment Associates.
  • Bursary applications are evaluated before an offer of a place is made. If you are offered bursary support, the amount will be made clear with your offer of a place.
  • Full or partial bursaries may be offered, according to your financial circumstances.
  • All bursary awards are subject to an annual review to ensure that our funds are being awarded to those families in greatest need.
  • We reserve the right to review a bursary award at any time.
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