Saturday morning classes for local primary schools


Saturday morning classes for local primary schools

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Bookings for 2019-20 will open in May 2019.

Each year girls and boys from local state primary schools come to Withington on a Saturday morning to take part in an exciting programme of themed classes.

The programme is coordinated by Withington colleagues Mrs Amanda Collard and Mrs Natalie Baguley. They organise a wide programme of topics delivered by specialist Withington teachers and our Sixth Form pupils work with, and support, the children during the activities. The project aims to enthuse and inspire young people, introducing them to new subjects and helping them develop their knowledge of those already studied in their school.

This year, we are delighted to offer a selection of new programmes which means that children can choose from Science; Complete Creativity; Drama; Music; The Romans; and Spanish.

Applications for this programme are managed between the applicants’ Headteacher and our SHiNE Coordinators.

Find out more about the external SHINE education charity.


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