Why girls only?

“It’s a school where it’s cool to be good; they are challenged by each other. Instead of feeling threatened, they congratulate each other.”

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Withington Girls' School founders day event 2024 at The Bridgewater Hall

Throughout the school journey, a single-sex education empowers every girl to fulfil her full potential.

How? By recognising that girls’ learning styles and experiences of school tend to be different from those of boys – enabling single-sex settings like Withington to precisely focus on the needs of individual girls.

That’s backed by growing evidence that girls achieve more within their own dedicated space. They’re more likely to be confident. They’re more likely to embrace challenges. And they’re more likely to achieve their ambitions.

Please don’t just take our word for it, though: According to the latest data from the Department for Education, girls in girls’ schools consistently outperform their peers in other schools academically.

Ten reasons to consider a girls-only school

  • Girls achieve better academic results (especially in STEM subjects)
  • Gender stereotypes aren’t influential in decisions and attitudes
  • Girls feel more comfortable in an environment where they can be themselves
  • Learning can be tailored specifically to girls’ preferences
  • Freedom to tailor guidance and wellbeing programmes to girls’ priorities
  • Greater scope to take on leadership roles for life beyond school
  • Increased girls’ participation in male-dominated sports
  • Girls with SEND have higher self-awareness
  • More opportunities to shine in sports, drama and music activities
  • Girls can become more confident and well-rounded young women

Of course, here at Withington we have a wealth of experience in educating girls.

We understand the challenges of modern life for young women today; our aim is to ensure that, academically and personally, our students are equipped and ready to take their place in the world with confidence.

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