The School Day

School begins at 8.50am and ends at 3.45pm. [Lunchtime from 12.05pm to 1.10pm].

Girls may be dropped off in the morning from 7.45am, when the front door is unlocked, and remain in school until 5.30pm during which time they are supervised.

There is no extra charge for before or after-school care.

A Breakfast Service is provided in the School Dining Room from 8.00am to 8.40am.

All girls have school lunch and always with a variety of choices, including salads and at least one hot vegetarian choice.

A range of snacks and drinks can be purchased from the Dining Room at morning break. Drinks and snack machines are available.

After-school care is provided in the Library (Senior School) or Junior Hall and playground (Junior School) from 3.40 to 5.15pm. They may choose to socialise with friends, do homework or use IT facilities.



08.45 Warning Bell12:05 Lunch
 08:50 Registration12.35 Lunchtime Bell
 09:00 Assembly 13:10 Registration
 09:20 Period 1  13:15 Period 5
 10:00 Period 2 13:55 Period 6
 10:35 Break 14:30 Short Break
 10:55 Period 3 14:35 Period 7
 11:30 Period 4 15:10 Period 8
15:40 Juniors finish
15:45 Seniors finish


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