Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create a learning environment in which every pupil is supported and encouraged to reach her full potential – academically, socially and personally.

True to our founding principles, we believe that the pleasure of learning brings its own reward, sustaining and enriching individuals throughout their lives.  

We aim to open as many doors as possible for our pupils in terms of learning. 

Respect for ourselves and others alongside personal responsibility underpin our school community. We celebrate diversity, value teamwork, and encourage everyone to play their part, with older pupils and alumnae providing inspirational role models. 

Our Aims
  • Enabling our pupils to become independent lifelong learners: resilient, curious and passionate. 
  • Nurturing our pupils’ personal development – promoting respect, responsibility, confidence and compassion. 
  • Creating a diverse, inclusive and open-minded school community. 
Our pastoral care

Withington’s relatively small size ensures we can know every pupil – and tailor our support to her specific needs. Because only by knowing and understanding your daughter as an individual can we nurture her full potential. 

We’re so proud of our exceptionally warm, friendly and caring environment in which Withington girls achieve outstanding academic success alongside vital personal and social development. That’s why we work closely with parents to identify anything that might impact your daughter’s wellbeing – so that we can proactively offer relevant support. 

As you’d expect, our commitment to providing a truly safe environment for everyone means all adults at Withington are responsible for safeguarding and promoting child welfare. 


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We’re an inclusive school and our proactive approach to equality, diversity and inclusion reflects this culture.

It enables everyone, whatever their background, to feel safe, respected and valued here. It enables us to draw on a diverse range of voices, experiences and opinions. And it enables everyone to feel proud of being part of Withington as the best possible reflection of diversity within Greater Manchester.

But we never take these hard-won principles for granted. That’s why we continue to develop our strategy – so that every girl feels welcome applying here.

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