Careers Convention 2021- Information

We are pleased to announce our first ever online Careers Convention will take place in January 2021.

This event will involve short videos of alumnae, parents and members of the wider WGS community talking about their jobs and careers. We are hoping to have contributors from a wide range of sectors to raise awareness and help inform our current student body.

This will culminate in a live online event on the evening of Thursday 14th January where small group forums and 1:1 discussions will take place between students and the professionals.

We are currently seeking volunteers to participate in this event.

We are asking participants to produce a short (approx. 5 min) video shining a spotlight on their career and sector, aimed at pupils age 14-18.  If volunteers would be willing to participate in the live event as well, that would be wonderful, but this is not an obligation.  We realise that whilst some may be completely comfortable producing a video, others may like assistance, which we are happy to provide.

If you are interested in supporting this event, please complete this form and, once you have done so, we will provide more information about producing the videos and the live event.

We are delighted that moving this event online will allow us to partner with the charity I Can Be, a registered charity that brings disadvantaged 7 and 8-year-old girls into the world of work, broadening their horizons and helping them to discover the breadth of opportunity around them. Targeting inner-city primary schools, I Can Be enables girls to explore careers they otherwise may never be aware of, building their curiosity and confidence along the way, and is funded entirely by charitable donations.  This PDF link is a longer document that explains more about I Can Be’s charitable mission and why we are partnering with them.  If you would like to find out more, there is an opportunity to do so by indicating your interest on the linked form.

We hope that you can be involved in this exciting venture. Our Careers Conventions have always been events which our students find extremely valuable. It is a privilege to see previous generations inspire and enthuse our current students, often providing that “light-bulb” moment that ignites a fire inside our young women, setting them off on their future path.

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