The Bexwyke Lecture at MGS

On Thursday 23rd March, The Manchester Grammar School hosted the Bexwyke Lecture, this year with the theme – ‘determination’.

A small group of Lower II (Year 5) pupils attended the morning workshops during which they created parachutes utilising materials such as bin liners and string. They later tested the efficacy of the creations, experimenting using the parachute to give eggs a safe landing.

The guest speaker was Holly Budge, adventurer and conservationist who has, amongst many other things, skydived from the top of Everest and raced across Mongolia on wild horses. She addressed the pupils in the afternoon session and proved to be an inspirational speaker. All attendees had been asked to prepare a poster presentation about the day’s theme and Mili, a Withington pupil, was awarded overall first prize.

Mili writes: “After the lecture, Holly announced the winner of a competition which all schools there had taken part in. I was shocked to hear my name being called as the winner. I was given a book voucher and my poster had been framed. Holly shook my hand and I could see all my teachers and classmates cheering for me. When I sat down they all congratulated me. Finally, my whole year were photographed together with Holly Budge and my poster. It was a brilliant day and I will never forget this experience, and will remember Holly’s words in the future. It really inspired me to follow my dreams no matter how big they may be. I hope that I am able to go on some amazing adventures in the future. One thing I would love to do but terrifies me, is travelling into space. With Holly’s advice I hope this will be possible one day, if I maintain a positive mindset and attitude.”