Young Science Communicators 2022

Our Lower Sixth Young Science Communicators programme began in January with a workshop for pupils led by Techniquest, Glyndwr. Here pupils were given the opportunity to think carefully about how to communicate difficult concepts to make Science accessible for all. Having launched the programme, the Communicators were split into three groups each with a different task.

Our Manchester Academy Partnership Team delivered a one-day revision session for 30 Year 11 pupils from Manchester Academy. Each pupil was given the opportunity to have three 90 min revision sessions focussing on the required practicals that are key for the 2022 examination series. We were delighted with the engagement of the visiting pupils and with the leadership and communication skills demonstrated by our Year 12 pupils.

‘Awe and Wonder’ were tasked with designing and delivering a Science Show for our Junior pupils and ninety visiting pupils from two local Primary Schools – St James and West Didsbury. Once again, pupils rose to the challenge and delivered an action packed, exciting and informative presentation with highlights being Elephants Toothpaste (who knew elephants had such big teeth), Lasers and the Screaming Jelly Baby. There was a full audience participation with Mexican waves to try to explain longitudinal and transverse waves. The younger pupils thoroughly enjoyed their Friday afternoon experience and went home with a box of science experiments to try in School.


Finally, our West Didsbury Primary group delivered after school Science sessions for the Year 6 pupils. The Lower Sixth had practised hard with the help of some of our Junior pupils and delivered an excellent performance to enhance the primary pupils’ understanding of science.

Following on from the live delivery of their projects, it is hoped pupils will submit for a Crest Award.