Year 10 Interview Day

On 18th June, Year 10 pupils took part in our very first whole year-group interview day, organised by Mrs Cottam, Head of Careers, in conjunction with the Development Team. In the morning, students learnt about what makes a good letter of application and received top tips from parents and alumnae on how to succeed at a competency-based interview. In the afternoon, each pupil took part in a mock online interview, putting into practice the skills they had worked to develop during the morning session.We are very grateful to our volunteers – our wonderfully generous alumnae, parents and other members of the Withington community who gave up time to read the letters of application, interview the students and give them feedback afterwards.

Mrs Cottam, Head of Careers, said: “I was absolutely delighted with the way that all of the pupils embraced such a challenging day, and really pushed themselves out of their comfort zones, in spite of some self-isolations and a few technical challenges. The volunteer interviewers were incredibly complimentary about our pupils and their interview performances. By taking part, pupils have gained valuable skills and insight into the interview and application process and have been able to engage with real labour market information in areas that are of potential interest to them and their future career aspirations.”

The most common feedback from pupils was that the interviewers were extremely friendly and helpful with their feedback and that the whole
process wasn’t nearly as intimidating as pupils were expecting. We hope that students take forward not just the skills that they developed, but a real sense of achievement from participating in a process that even experienced professionals find daunting. They should feel extremely proud of themselves.