Strawberry Serenade 2020


The show had been chosen, auditions had taken place and then… LOCKDOWN!

In true Withington ‘where there is a will there is a way’ spirit, and with the amazing talent and commitment of Year 6 girls and the IT, filming and editing skills of our creative support staff available to us, how could we not deliver the annual Strawberry Serenade?


A rehearsal schedule was drawn up for the girls in school, in spaces where they could be socially distanced such as the Junior Hall and Arts Centre, and a recording schedule for the girls at home. The production team (Mr Walsh, Mr Peterken, Mr Martin Dunn, Mr James Lazenby, Mrs Kathryn Williams, Miss Iona Whyte, Mrs Gilly Sargent and Miss Rachel Smith) set to work preparing the girls for
their filming sessions.

The girls learned a total of 16 songs and 16 different dance routines in the space of five weeks. Discussions about costumes still took place, adopting a ‘make do and mend’ approach and Fridays in school became ‘dressing up’ day as the Year 6 girls arrived in costume ready to record their songs/routines – Orphans, Victorians, Convicts, Fagin, Artful Dodger and ‘party frocks’ for the Opera scene.

Mrs Sargent and Miss Smith taught the girls the songs and choreographed the dance routines whilst Junior staff learnt new skills; lighting, sound and, of course, performing their ‘cameo roles’. Girls at home mastered the art of filming themselves and then sending in
the recordings so that they too could appear in this memorable show.

Many thanks to all parents for managing to produce costumes out of nowhere AND also to parents who helped support the girls with IT/recording at home – 2020 will certainly be a show to remember for one and all.

The girls in School were very excited to watch the recording of the show together in the Junior Hall and had a wonderful time, particularly enjoying the moments when the teaching staff made their surprise appearances!

On the final day of term the girls went home with a packed strawberry tea, beautifully made and presented by our caterers Holroyd Howe, to enjoy the recording of the Strawberry Serenade 2020 with their families.