Black Lives Matter

Updated 19 June 2020

We at Withington recognise and understand the concern and depth of feeling that is unfolding across the UK and globally in response to the killing of George Floyd and subsequent events in the USA. We know that members of our own school community, including pupils, staff, parents and former pupils, have been deeply affected too.

In responding to the Black Lives Matter movement, particularly with respect to our curriculum but across all other areas of school life too, we are committed to undertaking a comprehensive audit and review to identify an action plan and inform our future strategic planning. We will draw on independent expertise for this audit and review. We understand that significant questions are being asked of schools across the UK and we want to make sure that our response is not a ‘quick fix’, but one that addresses issues in the long term, and is achieved through active listening, consultation, collaboration and with consideration of all involved. The School’s Governors, at a recent meeting of the Board of Governors, have given their full support of the School’s proposals.

For our current pupils, we will be building awareness of the issues raised through the Black Lives Matter movement through an Assembly before the end of term and encouraging discussion through PSHCE lessons.  We are deeply grateful for the ideas, suggestions and offers of help being received from members of our community, and will respond to you all in due course.

Withington has had since its very beginnings a commitment to equality and social responsibility in its DNA and we recognise our important role as an educator in continuing to empower our pupils to become responsible global citizens.

We would ask pupils, alumnae, parents, former parents, staff or former staff who have views or suggestions on this important issue, which they would like us to consider, to send them to (please let us know your connection to Withington when you contact us).

We will continue to update this page with developments on these important matters.