Over the second half of the Spring Term, girls from Upper II have been working furiously to develop products for their Junior Enterprise project. Placed in small teams, the girls had to apply for a role (Managing Director, Sales Director, etc) and then order basic components to turn into desirable products to sell to the other girls.

This year’s theme was sustainability, so non-biodegradable glitter was banned (!) and ‘tax-rebates’ were offered for products that only used eco-friendly elements. The range was fantastic – home-made bath bombs, lip balms, numerous beautifully hand-painted items and individualised sleep masks to name but a few.

The realisation that the girls’ incredible hard work could not be celebrated at their normal Trade Fair was very difficult to take, but we know that despite this, they will have learnt a huge amount from the process. Skills such as group problem-solving, understanding the importance of different roles within a team and just working together will serve them well in the future.

A huge thanks must go to Ms Ositelu, the Senior Young Enterprise coordinator, who oversaw the project, and also to Mrs Steer and the finance office who helped with the girls’ orders.

Mr M Dunn and Mr J Lazenby