By Emma W, Lower Sixth

On 7th February, I visited Cambridge University with a large group of Year 12 girls. The trip gave us all an opportunity to see the beautiful university and city and hear about what it’s truly like to be a student there.

The first place we visited was Fitzwilliam College where we attended a talk about the admissions process. The talk was informative and helpful whilst also reminding us of how prestigious and selective the University is, making me both excited and nervous for my future ahead. Some student volunteers then gave us a tour of the college and we had the opportunity to ask them about life at Cambridge.

After lunch, we visited a few more colleges, including King’s and Queens’.

We then had the opportunity to reunite with some Withy old girls now studying at Cambridge, one of whom showed us around her college – Murray Edwards. As a law hopeful, I was then able to meet another ex-Withington pupil who studies law at Cambridge and look around a more central college, asking her questions about the law course in particular. It was invaluable to hear her experiences specific to law at Cambridge and hear her talking about the wonderful times she has whilst also making us aware of the realities of the challenging academic environment.

We finished the day by exploring the city of Cambridge before heading home. It was a very successful day and meeting up with the ex-Withington pupils allowed us to see the university from a much more personal perspective.