Mountain, Forest and Rivers: Junior Geography Fieldtrips

With the excitement of term starting, Years 4, 5 and 6 were lucky enough to head off into our beautiful English countryside and adventure on  Geography Fieldtrips this week. All three trips were arranged through the Peak  District National Park and their education leaders shared their inside knowledge in a series of lively and informative investigative walks and workshops.

The sun was shining for Year 5 as they set off to Macclesfield Forest on 23rd September. They had a wonderful time finding the source of the River Bollin and measuring where the fastest parts of the river were – using dog biscuits, metre sticks and a stopwatch!

The Year 4 and Year 6 girls were not quite as fortunate with the weather! However, determination and gusto got them through the rainfall and, for Year 4, some investigations were indoors.

Year 4 looked at the different types of rocks and soils surrounding the River Bollin, whilst Year 6 went to Edale and trekked up Mam Tor in order to investigate and observe how mountains have been formed over time. A wonderful and memorable trip!