Eco Week – Working to create a more sustainable world

The week from 30th April – 4th May was the first-ever Eco Week at Withington – an entire week of activities dedicated to helping the environment.  The School’s Eco-Society came up with a number of themes to demonstrate strategies for living a life that is environmentally sustainable and protects our planet and all the creatures that live on it.

David Attenborough Cinema

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtime, the Lecture Room was transformed into the ‘David Attenborough Cinema’, showing classic nature documentaries, complete with cinema snacks, such as popcorn.  The snacks were sold in aid of the Marine Conservation Society, who also benefited from the proceeds of a pop-up face-painting salon in the foyer on the Friday. Over the week, £135 was raised altogether.

Meat-free Monday

On Monday, we had a vegetarian day for school lunches, which everyone enjoyed.

Eco Alternatives Stall

An Eco Alternatives stall, featuring environmentally friendly products such as eco toothbrushes, soap and cleaning products, was displayed in the Foyer all week. The aim was to raise awareness in the School community of the availability of these wonderful eco products, whose manufacture, use and disposal is far less damaging to the environment than the more commonly used items. Samples of the eco soap and deodorant, which smell wonderful, were given to the first dozen girls who came to have their face painted on the Friday.

Tree Planting

On Thursday lunchtime, the Eco prefects and members of Eco Society from Junior girls all the way up to Sixth Form gathered in the School’s front garden to plant three new fruit trees – one each of pear, plum and cherry.

Pre-loved Teddies

All week, pre-loved teddies were collected for the charity ‘Bearly Loved’, who send soft toys to vulnerable children around the world.  157 teddies were donated altogether and each was given along with £3 for their travelling expenses to their new far-flung homes.


In another initiative, Sixth Form students took part in a week-long ‘TopSwap’ clothes exchange, which was very popular and successful.

About Eco Society

Eco Society at Withington is comprised of girls from the Third Form upwards, who meet

regularly and organise events under the guidance of Mrs Cotton, Dr Kenny. Juniors take part in Outdoor Club, which is led by Mrs Howling. This year, Upper Sixth student Freya W became our first-ever Environmental Officer, overseeing and coordinating all aspects of Eco Society. Freya works closely with four Lower Sixth girls who have taken the roles of ‘Eco Prefect’ for their House.

Dr Kenny said: “There has been a longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability at Withington, but this year the newly structured Eco Society, with its Sixth Form leaders, has really taken the task to another level.”

Mrs Cotton added: “They started the year with confirmation of our Green Flag Award and have worked very hard to communicate to the School community that every individual can make changes in their lives to keep our planet healthy and create a better future for everyone.”