Year 6 Fire Safety Day

Upper II girls travelled to Bury to visit the new interactive Greater Manchester Fire and Safety Centre on 24th April.

It proved to be valuable and thought provoking, teaching life skills and the best ways to respond to life-threatening emergency situations. The girls had practical hands-on experience in fire safety and prevention, taking on the roles new fire ‘recruits’ who were rotated through different fire ‘stations’ and scenarios for the duration of the day.

Real life scenarios with smoke and ash effects made this interactive visit realistic and highly memorable. We were able to hear examples of the types of phone calls that might come into a control room and to see a map showing the system for deploying fire engines.

There was also a staged car crash which helped us to consider the importance of road safety. Learning about how to respond to an emergency is of critical importance and we also learnt about CPR.

Our thanks to the staff at the Centre for this fantastic trip!


Mrs D Odeyinde, Teacher of Upper II.