Junior School Christmas Show

This year’s Junior Christmas extravaganza, performed last night to a packed Arts Centre, was an absolute delight and a superb showcase of our girls’ talents.

The first half of the performance saw our wonderful orchestra perform a beautiful seasonal medley and a well-tuned performance from our ever-popular string group, nestled among a showcase of singing and dancing from every class in the Junior School. Another highlight was the Junior School Choir, treating the audience to a wonderful compilation of Christmas songs.

In the second half of the show, we were transported around the world with the Juniors, as they showed us how Christmas is celebrated in other countries, through a short play and a display of colourful international costumes, impressive dancing and beautiful songs.

An extremely entertaining evening was enjoyed by all and we were reminded of the important messages that the festive season brings with it. The girls and staff had a huge amount of fun putting the show together and the result was a fantastic start to Christmas.