Year 3 and 4 Residential Trips to Robinwood

Year 3 had a fabulous two-day trip to Robinwood Activity Centre in Todmorden in November, accompanied by Miss Geoghegan, Mrs Birch, Miss Dillon and Mrs Lowe.

They were non-stop busy with activities from 8am until 9pm! A Crystal Maze style challenge was set for the girls to crack codes and get their team mates to safety. Friendships were forged, fears were conquered and a lot of fun was had. They returned with tales of the ‘Piranha Pool’ and toes being nibbled, archery, the scary night line and climbing.

By Mrs Beckie Lowe, Teacher of Year 3

No sooner had Year 3 returned, than Year 4 headed off to Robinwood in their place!

On arrival, we were treated to a delicious lunch and then the exciting activities began. We all showed real courage and determination to make it up the climbing wall and we had to work as a team to navigate our way through the maze of tunnels in caving.

Nightline was so much fun – we had to make sure we told the person behind us what was coming up ahead because we were blindfolded and could only use our other senses to find our way through a tricky obstacle course.

Good communication was needed in ‘Crate Challenge’ in order to build and climb a tall crate tower with our group and in Archery, we perfected our aiming skills.

By far, the most popular activity was the ‘Piranha Pool’ where we had 40 minutes to solve a series of clues and escape from the pool before the piranhas were released! Terrifying!

As well as fantastically thrilling activities, we all enjoyed some delicious food and sharing dorms with classmates was especially good fun. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Robinwood and have created some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

By Mrs Helen Stallard, Teacher of Year 4