Geography Fieldtrips to Castleton and Macclesfield Forest

The Junior School took Geography fieldtrips to Castleton and Macclesfield Forest in the first weeks of the Autumn Term. Years 3 and 6 went to Castleton on separate days and Years 4 and 5 each had a day at Macclesfield Forest.

In Castleton, each Year group tackled a different approach, from observing the types of houses and roads within the town to measuring wind direction and river speed. The girls thoroughly enjoyed investigating their surroundings with their friends whilst appreciating the beautiful views!

Year 6 pupils explored the mountain environment, going all the way to the top of Mam Tor.

Year 4 learnt about the water cycle in Macclesfield Forest. They found out about the journey that water takes from a reservoir to our taps. They then spent some time by the reservoir, learning about its history and how its water is used.

After lunch, they carried out their very own water filtration investigation and worked out that the best quality of water comes from being filtered through small matter such as sand, as this traps the mud and dirt. Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Macclesfield Forest and left with an excellent understanding of where our water comes from.


Year 5 explored Castleton village, studying tourist patterns in the area.