Cambridge ‘After Hours’ Reunion

On Wednesday, Toni and Claire had a great evening hosting an ‘After Hours’ Reunion in Cambridge. The Twist Bar at the DoubleTree Hilton provided an ideal central location for students and professionals alike, and the modern, open setting made it easy for our guests to chat and reminisce over wine, pizza and other delicious nibbles!

We were really pleased with the wonderful turnout for this event. Old Girls in attendance ranged from recent leavers studying at the university, to those now living and working near the city. Most of our guests had been students at Cambridge University, and enjoyed sharing stories and insights from their various colleges, university societies and courses. It was fantastic, too, to see our alumnae networking and swapping contact details, offering career advice to those just starting out, and discussing their professions with other like-minded guests.

Our Old Girls talked fondly of their Withington days. They enjoyed reminiscing about School Sport and other extra-curricular interests, and they remembered the teachers who had inspired them. It is a testament to the ethos and culture of Withington that so many in attendance – despite their broad range of ages – commented on how they felt that being a Withington girl had given them a sense of self-belief that they had taken with them beyond their school days and into their careers.

Alumnae guests were also keen to offer help and advice to current Withington pupils applying to Oxbridge. Whether this was offering to assist with mock interviews, or agreeing to visit school to give talks on the college system or application process, our former pupils remembered their own experiences when applying for Oxbridge, and wanted to help where possible. It is fantastic to have so many alumnae who want to give back to Withington by offering support to our current pupils.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Cambridge ‘After Hours’ Reunion. The atmosphere was fantastic, and it was great to see our guests enjoying themselves whilst catching up with old friends, or getting to know those they were meeting for the first time. If you would like us to host a reunion in your city, or have any further ideas concerning our alumnae events, please do get in touch by emailing

List of Attendees
Gail Caldwell (Willeringhouse, Class of 1971)
Valerie Wheater (nee Gilbert, Class of 1971)
Jeanette Robinson (Class of 1980)
Sarah McAlister (nee Holland, Class of 1984)
Laura Itzhaki (Class of 1985)
Christine Knight (nee Malone, Class of 1990)
Julia Deakin (Class of 1995)
Anna Patterson Lee (nee Patterson, Class of 1997)
Inga Deakin (Class of 2001)
Kirstie Whitaker (Class of 2001)
Grace Carroll (Class of 2011)
Tashy Rodgers (Class of 2011)
Charlotte Senn (Class of 2013)
Sheanna Patelmaster (Class of 2014)
Haleh Taghinejadi (Class of 2015)