Crafty Juniors

Painting and Drawing

During the Autumn term Junior Art club enthusiasts designed their own special artworks. The girls learnt how to apply acrylic paint in a wide range of colours to small canvases and artist quality paper.

The first group created still life paintings of gateaux, cupcakes, gingerbread men, macaroons and doughnuts covered in hundreds and thousands. The girls were inspired by the artist Wayne Thiebaud and thought about his style of painting in relation to theirs.







art-and-crafta-3The second group took a more traditional approach and looked at the beautiful landscapes of Claude Monet. The girls chose a photograph of an atmospheric landscape or seascape and using a little imagination, they painted their own Monet inspired masterpiece.

Monsters by Lower II

art-and-craft-10 art-and-craft-9 art-and-craft-8 art-and-craft-6

Art Deco and Mondrian Glazed Tiles by Upper II

UIIY created Art Deco  style ceramic tiles while UIIX were inspired by the style of Mondrian.

art-and-craft-17 art-and-craft-14 art-and-craft-13

art-and-craft-5 art-and-craft-4


Junior Creative Club

Junior creative club made dreamcatchers. I wonder what their dreams were?