Open Reunion 2016 Attendees

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Please see below for a list of the Old Girls and former staff who are registered for the Open Reunion on 18th June 2016 so far:

Withington Old Girls

Patricia Mamelok (nee Richards, Class of 1949)
Diana Abram (nee Almond, Class of 1949)
Margaret Swann (nee Mitchell, Class of 1949)
Ann Jepson (Class of 1949)
Ann Taylor (nee Garnham, Class of 1951)
Shirley Stephens (nee Ryder, Class of 1951)
Veronica Whiteley (nee Rushton, Class of 1953)
Mavis Lee (nee Williams, Class of 1954)
Margaret Nuttall (nee Whiston, Class of 1954)
Ruth Acton (nee Woodall, Class of 1954)
Ruth Fink (nee Faust, Class of 1955)
Heather Du Quesnay (nee Openshaw, Class of 1955)
Valerie Hempstock (nee Winstanley, Class of 1956)
Sheila Line (nee Thompson, Class of 1956)
Beryl Patchett (nee Cooper, Class of 1956)
Janice Ridgley (nee Todd, Class of 1956)
Brenda Scragg (nee Knowles, Class of 1956)
Marion Digweed (nee Warrington, Class of 1956)
Ruth Miller (nee Carr, Class of 1956)
Margaret Cooper (nee Hall, Class of 1956)
Margaret Moseley (nee Stokes, Class of 1957)
Beryl Mallalieu (nee Rushton, Class of 1957)
Rosalind Cooke (nee Whinney, Class of 1957)
Avril Bramhall (nee Hobson, Class of 1961)
Jill Scott (nee Frobisher, Class of 1961)
Catherine Wilson (nee Meredith, Class of 1962)
Vivien Blundell (nee Woodall, Class of 1962)
Beth Wilkins (nee Glazier, Class of 1963)
Waveney Holt (Class of 1964)
Veronica Jones (nee Bradley, Class of 1965)
Jacqueline Lurie (nee Taylor, Class of 1965)
Elizabeth Meech (nee Cunningham, Class of 1966)
Janet Poliakoff (nee Keene, Class of 1966)
Aileen Doherty (Class of 1969)
Elizabeth Craig (nee Keller, Class of 1969)
Rose Byrne (nee Miller, Class of 1969)
Victoria Blacklock (nee Lowe, Class of 1970)
Margaret Squires (nee Kirkham, Class of 1970)
Gaynor Lloyd (Class of 1970)
Patricia Steen (nee Coutts, Class of 1971)
Susan Adams (nee Edgar, Class of 1971)
Katharine Douglas Furner (nee Douglas, Class of 1971)
Valerie Wheater (nee Gilbert, Class of 1971)
Janet Wharton (Class of 1971)
Uschi Lynas (nee Lightfoot, Class of 1973)
Julie Buckley (nee Towler, Class of 1974)
Jennifer Marks (nee Bradbury, Class of 1976)
Ann Gray (nee Schonegevel, Class of 1976)
Christine Tanner (nee Whittaker, Class of 1976)
Jane Hobbs (nee Mamelok, Class of 1978)
Carol Keable (nee Brown, Class of 1980)
Jeanette Robinson (Class of 1980)
Debra Woolfson (Class of 1980)
Harriet Monkhouse (Class of 1981)
Jane Ingram (nee Critchley, Class of 1984)
Helen Sperry (nee Leyland, Class of 1984)
Lisa Foster (nee Davies, Class of 1984)
Jane Conley (nee Fink, Class of 1985)
Gillian Gunn (Class of 1985)
Jane Solomon (Class of 1985)
Pam Stephens (Class of 1985)
Caroline Forster (nee Middleton, Class of 1985)
Debra Severn (nee Jones, Class of 1987)
Caroline Wienholt (Class of 1992)
Stephanie Roberts (nee Barlow, Class of 2003)
Alex Ziegler (nee Darke, Class of 2006)
Clare Owens (Class of 2006)
Naomi Hayes (Class of 2008)
Emma Glicher (Class of 2012)
Rebekah Denby (Class of 2012)
Abigail Harris (Class of 2012)

Withington Former Staff

Miss Amy Morris
Miss Marjorie Hulme
Mrs Janet Pickering
Mr Chris Holmes
Mrs Ruth Neal
Mrs Christine Barrat (nee Manning)
Mrs Catherine Bankes
Mrs Judith Willson
Mrs Alyson Davenport
Mrs Valerie Hempstock
Mrs Margaret Bradbury
Mrs Ann Taylor
Ms Ludia Chambers