Junior Trip to Condover Hall

Upper and Lower II were very fortunate to have glorious sunshine throughout their stay at Condover Hall from 22nd -24th June. Each day was packed with exciting activities and in the evenings there were Year group challenges such as ‘Egg Protector’ and ‘Busted’.

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The girls (and teachers!) enjoyed body zorbing, rock climbing, indoor caving, swimming, laser tag, survival, tunnelling, buggy building, archery and team challenges to name but a few. Everyone had a fabulous time!Condover-JS-2016-2

Upper II pupil Dina T reports:

Condover Hall


Conquest was most definitely one of the best activities that we did in Condover. There was a massive tent with tunnels and passageways. Everyone had a special conquest gun, and the aim of the game was to shoot others people’s guns and make sure that you didn’t get shot yourself. The fact that the tent was completely pitch black and the gun was the only source of light available made the whole game a lot more exciting!


In survival we were split into groups of six. We were put into a situation where we had to build a shelter for the night, using logs and other things that were available to us in the forest. Then all six of us had to fit into the shelter whilst the instructor poured a bucket of water on us to see if our shelter was waterproof. Luckily, mine was waterproof! We also got a chance to make a fire using cotton, Vaseline and flint and steel! When we had to put out the fire it was really fascinating to see the amount of smoke that a small fire could create!


Tunnelling was definitely my personal favourite. We had to wear these helmets with flashlights on and we had to go in teams and wriggle through these really small places to try and find our way out. At one point I got really scared, and I thought that I would end up having to live in the tunnels forever! Thankfully I managed to get out, in the end!


Vortex was another highly popular activity. You had to be placed into this tube with a lot of different coloured fabric tickets. Each colour of ticket was worth a different amount of points, some even deducted from your score! This whole time there was air swirling all around you. I thought that this activity was very fun and quite challenging at the same time!

Wet and Wild

Wet and wild was yet another highly popular activity. We were in the swimming pool in two different teams. We had to do different kind of races involving noodles, sinkers and a lot of splashing! At the very end we had a chance to just splash around with balls and different water toys, whilst the instructors threw freezing cold water on us!

Buggy Building

Buggy Building was another teamwork activity. We had these logs that we had to tie together using this special kind of knot to tie them together. We had to attach barrels to make it roll. The Buggy was hand pulled with rope. When you were on the buggy you had to wear a helmet and balance a cup of water on your head. At the very end we thankfully had enough time to have a water fight and we all got absolutely drenched!

Initiative exercises

‘IE’ definitely involved the most teamwork. We had to try and pick up a bottle using ropes that were not tied around it. We had to put our fingers over this tube that then had water poured on it and we got absolutely drenched! We also had to try and pick up these coloured pieces of wood that had these hooks on them with these ropes that were all tied together and had a hook in the middle to try and pick them up.


Condover was most definitely the best residential I’ve been to. I would I highly recommend someone to come to Condover especially in the summer because there are way more activities available. I really enjoyed all of the activities a lot. I really want to come back one day.