African Drums Workshop

On Monday 27th June, Lower 11 and Upper 11 were treated to a lesson on how to play an African drum, the Djembe. The visiting company, Drumroots, showed us many different techniques including bass, tone and ‘slap’, which we used in some famous West African songs. During this workshop, we learnt how to stay in time and work together as a class. Then, in two teams, we competed to see could finish the piece first.

JS-African-Drums (3)

We also played an African song with each team playing a different part, which sounded really pretty as soon as we got the hang of it. Everyone really enjoyed the workshop and we really want Andy and Jamie to come back and do a Djembe workshop again!

JS-African-Drums (1)

JS-African-Drums (2)


JS-African-Drums (4)