Best Project at the Lego League Competition

After months of preparation, a group of ten girls went to Daresbury Laboratory to compete in this year’s Lego League competition. They took with them their own Lego robot, designed to complete a series of challenging tasks themed around the idea of recycling and waste management. They performed admirably when explaining the design of their robot, and it completed several of the tasks with aplomb.

LegoLeague (1)

Best Project

Bad luck on the final run of the day meant our top score was not quite high enough to progress to the next round, however the excellence of the girls’ research and delivery on their innovative solution to leaking landfill sites won them the award for the best project.

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The presentation on the use of graphene oxide as a filtration system for landfill runoff was detailed and at an advanced level. The judges’ feedback after their questions noted that the girls clearly understood the topic in some depth. Well done all!

Mr C Forrest Teacher of Physics