Ghyll Head 2015

The new Third Form, accompanied by Sixth Form Peer Supporters and several members of staff, were lucky to have two glorious weekends in the Lakes where the sun shone down on us as we canoed across Windermere, whizzed down the zipwire, scrambled up a ghyll or along the rocks at Humphrey Head and dared to tackle the nightline. Best of all, everyone met lots of new friends and had such fun!
By Mrs Yorke Menzies, Head of Third Form

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Ghyll Head is in the heart of the Lake District on the edge of Lake Windermere. Ghyll Head was a good way to make new friends at the start of the school year. The days are full of fun packed activities and you couldn’t possibly be bored. Ghyll Head was the first trip that we all had together and we will always remember it and hopefully we will go there again one day as Sixth Formers.
By Mayo A and Olivia C Third Form



Ghyll head

Last weekend we went to Ghyll head,

We had good rooms and comfortable beds.

The activities were great,

And the leaders were first rate.

We had loads of fun,

With our friends in the sun.

By Eilis M