Exceptional A*s for Withington Girls!

Withington Girls’ School is celebrating a set of outstanding A-Level results across the board, reinforcing the Independent Schools Inspectorate’s judgement that the girls, achievements are ‘exceptional’.

All A-Level examinations were passed, with an impressive 39% of all subjects achieving the top A* grade. Over half the year group (43 girls) passed all their examinations with all A* or A grades, and 8 students gained 3 or more A* grades, with 5 achieving 4 A* grades and one 5 A* grades.


Contrary to the national trend this year of a decline in top grades in STEM subjects, Withington students enjoyed outstanding success in the core STEM subjects (including Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics) which have been identified by the Government as vital to the country’s future economy.

These STEM subjects accounted for over a half of all A levels entered this year at Withington and in these subjects,  45% of results were at A*,   82% at A* or A and   92% at A*, A or B.


Ciara-Sheehan_Penny-Jones_Francesca-Gray (2)

These exceptionally high achievements in the rigorous academic ‘facilitating’ subjects offered at A Level underpin the year-on-year success of Withington students in gaining places at their chosen universities. Almost all girls have gained admission to their first choice university and degree course, including 11 girls who will now take up their places at Oxford or Cambridge.

Destinations this year include Oxford (5) and Cambridge (6), as well as Durham, Bristol, London (LSE, UCL and KCL), Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Nottingham. The girls’ chosen degree courses include medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, English, modern foreign languages, music, graphic design, criminology, mathematics, natural sciences, chemistry, physics, economics, politics, psychology, history and, geography. A full breakdown of results by subject can be seen here. (This is correct as of 27th October 2015, but may be amended later, should there be any changes to grades due to re-marks.)


Headmistress Mrs Sue Marks  said of the A-Level results:

“I am absolutely delighted for our girls and for their teachers and families.  These outstanding results don’t just reflect how academically able our students are – they also point to how hard they work, and to how well they have been helped to reach their individual potential by excellent teaching and pastoral care throughout their time at Withington.

A key reason for our girls’ continuing success in winning places at the country’s most selective universities is that they achieve so highly in the traditional, rigorous, “facilitating” subjects such as mathematics, further mathematics, the sciences, English literature, classical and modern languages, geography and history.

Our girls are encouraged to make the most of every moment of their time at Withington and we are very pleased that these accomplished young women have been involved in so many worthwhile (and enjoyable!) extracurricular activities alongside their academic studies.”