Geography trip to Blackpool

This was a GCSE Fieldwork trip to gather evidence about the dominant quality of the characteristics of this tourist resort. They gathered valuable data for their coursework carrying out individual techniques that they had planned and often created themselves. The wind blew and the skies were grey but the girls were very spirited and positive.

Blackpool (2)


Pupils were enthusiastic and rigorous in the group collection of data and even managed to find fun carrying out their litter count! Pacing out each 100 metres, they worked in groups and dropped an open quadrat on the promenade recording the litter and staining within it. This caused some quizzical looks from passing tourists but everyone was too intent on their own investigation to worry!

Questionnaires were a challenge with the cold, grey weather but girls still found the tourists wherever they were hiding and engaged with them, acquiring a good range of opinions.

Every girl carried out a different personal study and here they were genuinely excited to find their proposed locations and to try out their individual techniques in the real world environment. They worked with such diligence and gathered promising data, an important step towards a successful fieldwork enquiry.

The next half term will see them collating, presenting, analysing and evaluating their findings so a productive experience in Blackpool is absolutely vital for these budding GCSE Geographers and they did not disappoint!