Peak Centre trip for youngest pupils

The Peak Centre trip was back for 2015 and it was a great experience. We took part in some incredible activities, including archery, arts and crafts, handling pets and even eating scrumptious food, very kindly cooked by the generous teachers, who came with us.


First stop, Stockley Farm! We had a fabulous time there and handled the most adorable rabbits. First we went to the large shed, and saw lots of lambs and baby goats. Our very kind instructors, Holly and Laura, told us all about how Stockley Farm had been ever so kind and taken in orphaned animals. After that, we went into the Pets’ Corner and saw all the tame small animals. They were so cute! Then we saw an extraordinarily large pig, called Gladys. We left the large shed and went outside to the chicken pen and we each got to feed the chickens and cockerels. Afterwards we went for a ride on the farm tractor which transported us to the Willow Barn where we were to have lunch. Then we did a few activities and boarded the coach.


We arrived at our final destination, the Peak Centre. Groups A and B had tea first, which was lovely pizza and chicken nuggets… yum! After that groups A and B went to do some archery with a very kind instructor, Don, who went through step by step how to do basic archery. Then, groups C and D went to have tea.

After this, we all went upstairs to play games and watch a film. We even had pop-corn and ice-cream! Mrs Odeyinde read us a bedtime story and then we went to read in our rooms before lights out.

When we woke up the next morning, we ate breakfast and as it was a beautiful sunny day, we went outside and played some games. Our favourites were hula hooping and the relay race. Groups C and D had archery and everyone did a craft activity.


At lunchtime, we had a picnic outside and before we knew it, it was time to leave the Peak Centre! We had a brilliant time and when we arrived back at school, we were completely exhausted. We can’t wait for the next trip away!

By Daisy B and Zunaira S