Birds of Prey Visit

On 25th March Mike from the Welsh Birds of Prey Centre came to visit with eight of his birds. To start with he introduced all of the birds and told us a few facts about each one. Our personal favourite was a tiny, little, grumpy, white-faced owl called Victor who glared at us the entire time!

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A few lucky girls were chosen to hold a young European eagle owl, the largest type of owl in the world. It was a very interesting event and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

By Sara S and Maya D

Birds of Prey Visit

On Wednesday the 25th of March Withington Juniors had a very special surprise, a visit from Mike and his birds. We were very lucky as they came all the way from the Welsh Birds of Prey Centre. Mike brought eight species of birds each very different in looks and talents. Some of us were lucky enough to hold the European eagle owl, the biggest and, according to the girls who held him, the heaviest. Everyone enjoyed themselves and learnt a lots of interesting facts.

By Olivia C and Aleena K