Juniors at Winmarleigh Hall 2015

Upper II girls report on their weekend at Winmarleigh Hall

Winmarleigh was one of the best experiences you could ever have. We learnt a lot and our class collaborated really well as a team using imagination and risk taking. We had to use our talents, especially in the dance battle during the Disco! This is one of the activities that Winmarleigh has to offer, as well as Quad biking, where we got to use adult quad bikes on a tyre track-we had to be careful not to fall off or bump into the instructor!

Other activities that we thoroughly enjoyed included Zip wiring and All Aboard, where we had to climb up a high wooden pole onto a medal square shaped platform with some of our team mates. This really improved teamwork, courage and perseverance.

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While we walked to our activity base we sang songs with our instructor; we were really loud and some of us lost our voices!

The food was superb and the puddings were out of this world. Our favourite meal was the Hot Dogs with the best-chips-ever on Saturday night and the waffles with toffee sauce to follow. The beds were really comfy and we all slept well which kept Mrs Burrows happy.

We loved Winmarleigh and the experience will be in our hearts forever. Altogether it was wonderful, fantastic, tremendous, terrific, incredible, and marvellous and everything anyone would want on a school trip. A huge thank you to all the staff at Winmarleigh and Mrs Burrows and Mrs Williams for taking us.

By S Risino and L Yip

Winmarleigh was an awesome experience, filled with lots of exciting activities. This trip was all about teamwork, perseverance and fun. We learnt to trust each other, as well as ourselves. Although we were only there for 3 days, Winmarleigh kept us active and on our toes.

We enjoyed all the activities but a few of the best ones were All Aboard, Quad Biking and Zip Wiring. As well as the activities being amazing, the Disco Dance-Off was incredible and very energetic.

The food was great and we all enjoyed breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of the favourites were the hot dogs and the waffles with toffee sauce.

In the evening to tire us out, we played a scary game of Ambush. Ambush is a short game of hide and seek, but in the dark, dark woods! The teachers took good care of us, and our group leader, Kat, was lovely and very helpful. Overall the time there was epic.

By K  Nadeem and Z Shah