Junior Geography Trip to Castleton

As part of their Geography fieldwork studies the Junior girls visited Castleton on the 19th and 20th September with two Form Groups going on each of the days.


Lilly from Transition wrote all about it:

“ First we went on the bus. Next we followed our tour guide for our study on settlements and walked to a shop called the Outshop. There was a lake nearby. Then we went to the Peak Cavern and our guide told us a great story. After that we saw a beautiful cottage made out of limestone. It was grey and peach. Next we saw a monument that had lots of names on it. After we ate our lunch we saw some shops nearby. Then we saw the Candle House and looked at hotel accommodation. Finally, we felt drip drops on our head! It was raining and we were all drenched. Time to go home!”

Looking at the village environment

Climbing up to the cave


We got there!

How to put up a tent …