Peak Centre Trip

Transition and Form I enjoyed a few days at the Peak Centre in March and, on the way there, stopped at Stockley Farm where they were able to see, touch and learn about various farm animals.


Our trip to the Peak Centre
By Vaani J and Hannah S, Form I

When we arrived at the Peak Centre on Wednesday 12th March, we were all very curious about what lay ahead. After we walked 250 metres to the Peak Centre we entered the conservatory and the teachers told us who we were sharing a room with. After that we unpacked, made our beds, had some yummy dinner then we all went to bed.


The next morning, we all had breakfast and were put into groups for all the activities that we were doing such as arts and crafts, archery and we had lots of fun playing outside. In arts and crafts we made flower boxes, decorated wooden spoons or sewed felt bugs / caterpillars. Then we made our own lunch to eat outside in the beautiful shining sun.


Later on in the afternoon we had a talent show and the group ‘Woolpacks’ won. Then we had fish fingers and chips with ketchup for tea. After that, we watched a film called Ratatouille. Then we went to bed.


In the morning we all stripped off our beds so that the sheets and pillow cases could be washed. Then we had to pack our suitcases, get changed and have breakfast. When we were all ready and fine and dandy, we did some circus skills. This included diablo, flower sticks, and a pedal/ wheelie thing. Next, we made our lunch – sandwiches with crisps, juice, fruit and biscuits.

Finally, we all went to the conservatory and we walked to the coach, which was waiting patiently in the car park.
We all had lots of fun at The Peak Centre!