Tatler – Withington is “refreshingly brilliant”

Withington has been lauded by leading society magazine Tatler for being "brilliantly refreshing" and "refreshingly brilliant".

In a glowing review, Tatler Schools Guide 2014 points to Withington's academic results, cites the school as being a fine example of single-sex education and referring to school fee levels, endorses the Financial Times' accolade of Best Value Independent Day School.

The School's U13 netball team and U12 lacrosse players are praised for their achievements in Sport; outstanding success in the Bath International Model United Nations event is singled out in extracurricular activities, whilst the appointment of an Oxbridge coordinator, excellent credentials held by the music department teachers and strong links with Manchester University are all highlighted as evidence that Withington "does not rest on its laurels."

Full Review as published in the Tatler Schools Guide 2014:


Every so often, some crusty old geezer pops up in the media proclaiming the imminent demise of the all-girls school. We suggest he take a look at Withington. In the words of a certain lager advertisement, this school is brilliantly refreshing. Refreshingly brilliant too – 96 per cent A*-B at A-level last year. Head Sue Marks is a firm believer in single-sex education and a stupendous sportswoman (her Oxford rowing blazer hangs proudly on her study wall). 'Our main aim,' she says, 'is to provide students with the best possible preparation for adult life. We never sit back on our laurels.' So there's a newly recruited Oxbridge co-ordinator, music teachers from the Royal Northern College of Music and good links with Manchester University. The under-13 netballers are county champions and the under-12 lacrosse players are northern schools champions. Withington was the first all-girls school to win the Outstanding Delegation award at the international Model United Nations conference. A sixth-former gave a television interview on the shortage of female physics A-level students. 'Not a problem here,' says Mrs Marks. And check out those fees – no wonder it was named Best Value Independent Day School by the Financial Times this year. '