WGS Careers Convention 2013

Careers Convention

Girls and their parents turned out in force for Withington's Careers Convention on the evening of Thursday, 26th September.

More than 20 delegates representing a wide range of sectors visited the School to share their expertise with students from Lower Fifth through to Upper Sixth.

Guest speakers provided a valuable insight into a variety of careers – Architecture, Medicine, Politics, Dentistry, Experimental Physics, Television, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). There was also a Gap Year talk by a representative of The Project Trust.

Careers Convention 

Delegates from a variety of other careers set up informational areas, enthusing attendees and sharing their in-depth knowledge and personal experiences. There was a diverse selection for girls to choose from – art, design and photography; investment banking; veterinary science; media; politics; engineering; physiotherapy and sports medicine; writing; psychology; research science; journalism; accountancy; law (barristers' chambers) and primary education.

The event, held biennially, was organised by Mrs Nicki Cottam, Head of Careers and Mrs Louise Jefferies, Careers Assistant.

Careers Convention 

Mrs Cottam said: "While it would be impossible to represent all of the career aspirations of every one of our students, many of the people in attendance have experienced a number of different careers, and have extremely broad and interesting progressions in their current roles."

"We were extremely fortunate to have many experts and outstanding practitioners with us for what was an extremely informative and enjoyable evening. It was clear that many were inspired by the words of our delegates and I am sure that it has been invaluable for our girls in helping them reach decisions about their future career choices," she added.