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Updated 30th June 2013

Home from Hong Kong

Head of Economics, Mr Stephen Boddy, who accompanied the team to Hong Kong reports:

We landed in Manchester late last night and all students were safely returned to their parents.

The trip was very successful. The students performed very effectively in the competition and although they did not win medals they performed extremely well. They had a detailed feedback session with their judge – 30 minutes with a University professor. He was most positive about their project and said their presentation was excellent – he even asked why students from the UK are so good at presentations.

The girls gained a great deal from the workshops on entrepreneurial skills and also on the scientific projects at the Poly U University such as CAD and sound engineering. We also visited Cyberport and looked at ways of supporting internet start- ups.

A real benefit was meeting with students from across the world, as this was a truly global competition. They had a taste of university life – going to two big lectures and also living in university halls.

There were many experiences that enriched their personal development. We travelled together by Hong Kong metro to visit a monastery and this was real experience travelling by public transport and changing trains in a very busy city. Going to a gala dinner for 200+ people was also an amazing occasion.

The students were well behaved and positive throughout. The competition had a very ‘Withington ethos’ in that all the participants who had made it as far as HK were winners. The organisation of the week by Poly U was exceptional – I have never attended an event that was so well organised.

The competition is every two years and I would be very happy to enter pupils in this competition again. It reflects well on the students and the school that they could broaden their academic learning in a global business competition and compete at an international level.

Posted 28th June 2013

At the Global Student Challenge Gala ceremony

Posted 27th June 2013

Visiting the Big Buddha

Today the girls have taken a cable car ride up to see Hong Kong’s  Big Buddha.

Posted 26th June 2013

Ocean Park

Midi, Bethany and Sonia, the three Economics students attending the Global Student Challenge, today visited Ocean Park in Hong Kong. They had a lively and informative seminar on the management of the park with the Marketing
Director who explained how he turned the park around from a loss-making enterprise to a successful multi-million dollar organisation. He outlined key strategies of leadership and marketing and the importance of leading change in any organisation. Afterwards the students had a chance to explore Ocean Park and try out the many activities and rides.

Eating out at the Floating Jumbo Restuarant

More Pictures from the PolyU University

Investigating sound engineering at the Poly U University and attending a lecture on entrepreneurship by Prof Alan Barrell, Cambridge University.

Visiting the CyberPort

Pictures from the Hong Kong Cyberport – investigating the support given to business startups such as web based industries and 3D animation.


Posted 25th June 2013

More pictures from the Hong Kong Entrepreneurs

This is us!
The WGS Company ‘Powkine’ in the Finals  Listing
Getting ready for Tai Chi
Ready for Tai Chi!
Tai Chi Lessons!
Getting to grips with Tai Chi lessons!


Posted 24th June 2013

The School is pleased to report that our Hong Kong group has arrived safely and are now involved in all the action of the competition!

Hong Kong Team

Midi, Sonia and Bethany with Head of Economics, Mr Stephen Boddy at the start of the competition

Street market in Hong Kong
 Hong Kong Street Market
Hong Kong from the Star Ferry
 Hong Kong from the Star Ferry
CAD at the PolyU
 CAD at the PolyU

Posted 29th May 2013

Hong Kong Bound!

Three WGS Lower Sixth Economics students are heading for Hong Kong for a
week on 21st June after winning through to the semi-finals of the Poly U Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Student Challenge, a prestigious international business competition.

Hong Kong Competition finalists

WGS is one of only four UK schools to reach the next stage. Sonia Patel, Bethany Jack-Williamson and Midi Wang will have all their travel expenses paid for the dream trip in June. The trio, who submitted a 20-page business plan, will present the case for their business – a company named PowKine – and their product – a mobile phone charger powered whilst you walk.
The girls have produced a business plan, a presentation and a one minute video called an ‘elevator pitch’. The team would like to thank everyone who took the time to watch and vote for their elevator pitch video, which has resulted in them being one the top 5 teams so far!

The week in Hong Kong also includes visits to major businesses and a workshop run by the management of Ocean Park. There is also an afternoon at the Ocean Park plus a visit to the HK Cyberport/ HK Science Park. A Tai Chi session and a Chinese Dim Sum lunch add to the excellent experience that the students are looking forward to. This is an international event and the Withington students will be meeting and working with students from 15 different countries.

They go with the best wishes and confidence of the School that they will do us proud!

Posted 29th May 2013
Updated 6th June 2013