Geography Trip to Llandudno


The Lower Fourth descended on Llandudno on 10th June to find this elegant Victorian seaside town bathed in sunshine and full of visitors. The day was action packed and again the girls experienced both the physical and human side of Geography using a complete range of fieldwork skills in their investigation.

Pebble analysis on Llandudno beach helped bring their classroom studies of longshore drift to life and land use mapping along the pier helped them appreciate the range of attractions for both old and young visitors. A trip up the Great Orme led to them achieving interesting responses to their questionnaires and the discovery of a completely different tourist world including ski slopes and toboggan runs with views over the Irish Sea.

The sunshine made the field sketching of a typical hotel relaxing whilst the local hoteliers were happy to chat and aid the girls in their studies. The quality of recording and follow-up work has been some of the highest standard we have seen.

Mrs J Buckley, Head of Geography