Jet Setting Lucy Hits Aus!

Many of our 2012 alumnae chose to take a gap year this September, allowing them to do all sorts of different and exciting things. Lucy Adelman of Prestwich spent the first half of her year out working in Sales Administration and a Tutoring Centre for young children, in order to make some money for her travels. ‘I just intended to have a really enjoyable adventure before starting a law degree and gain confidence a little before university’, she told us. She is currently travelling the East Coast of Australia, and said about the beginnings of her trip; ‘I have already surfed my first waves, seen The History Boys (my favorite play) at Sydney Opera House and enjoyed picnics on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.’ In addition to the more adventurous side of her trip, Lucy is already starting to prepare for next year, when she will take up a place at Durham University to study Law. ‘When I return to Melbourne at the end of my trip I will spend some time shadowing a barrister in the Australian Courts to widen my experience of the law and give me something to compare our own legal system to. I have already dipped in and out of a couple of Civil tribunals in the cities to watch a couple of cases play out.’