Winmarleigh Hall 2013

We had been waiting for the trip for weeks. Laughing, chatting and imagining all the possibilities and activities we would be up to.
But we were in for a big surprise.

Upper II at Winmarleigh 2013

Everywhere we looked in Winmarleigh we could see smiling faces ready and willing to help us. Each day was like an adventure. Waking up in our warm sleeping bags to the familiar faces of our friends.  We learnt to trust and help each other in low
ropes and Jacob’s ladder. Facing our fears in the hardest activities. They tested us in every single way, pushing us to our limits.  But we laughed through it all, the mud, the rain, the cold and the sun.

When we thought we had finished our last activity of the day we started a new one. Our evening activities were as much fun as our day ones including ambush (a night time hide and seek) and of course the DISCO! Both included regular trips to the vending machine. Before we knew it we were saying our farewells, packing our bags and singing our last PGL song. After eating our last meal we took a final look at Winmarleigh and realised the saying is true; time goes fast when you’re having

By Miranda and Safiyah

Upper II at Winmarleigh 2013

On 20th February Upper II went on a trip to
Winmarleigh Hall, where they had three days of action-packed fun. They did activities such as zip wire, quad biking, low ropes and sensory trail. Zip wire and quad bikes were the class favourites. In the evening they enjoyed a disco and ambush; a game of great suspense in which you must be silent-that was hard  for some! Teamwork was vital to help each other through the challenges and they learnt all new things about each other.

Maya described Winmarleigh overall in two words, mud and fun!

Elèna said, “Everyone bonded together much more than they ever had before.”

Millie said, “Home time was the hardest thing, Winmarleigh was a trip of a life time.”

We all agreed that we would never forget these few days.

By Daisy and Millie 

Upper II at Winmarleigh 2013