Stellar GCSE Grades in 2012!

Withington scored an outstanding GCSE pass rate of 98.6 per cent at A*, A and B grades despite the adoption of more demanding examination qualifications.

GCSE results 2012

The tougher International GCSE Mathematics papers were introduced a few years ago; 2012 was the first year that every girl took IGCSE Separate or Double Award Science and the School also opted for the OCR Level Two National Award in ICT as "more appropriate" to pupils' abilities.

Fantastic GCSE results!

The pass rate at A* and A was 92.4 per cent and a remarkable 73.5 per cent of papers achieved straight A* grades. In all, 54 girls passed all their subjects at A* and A grades and 29 chalked up straight A* grades across the board.

Fifty-two girls won a dual award with distinction in ICT and 20 attained a single award with distinction. Distinction for the dual award is equivalent to two GCSE passes at A* and A grade, and distinction at the single award is equivalent to a Grade A GCSE pass. A full summary of the results can be read here. application/pdf icon

Mrs Marks said: "We are really delighted with these results. The school
adopted IGCSE Mathematics a couple of years ago and this year we added
the more demanding IGCSE Science papers and the OCR Level 2 National
Award in ICT in order to prepare our girls better for the future.

"Despite these tougher demands, the girls' results are absolutely exceptional."

GCSE Results 2012

Fantastic GCSE Results!