Spotlight On … Flic Everett

FlicFor the latest in our Spotlight On series, 1989 leaver Flic Everett tells us about her career as a freelance journalist, broadcaster and author.

Flic joined Withington in the Junior School aged 9, and left in 1989 after completing her A levels. As she recollects her time at School, her future career path seems obvious in hindsight:

"My favourite subjects were English, Art and History- some teachers you always remember, and I particularly loved Mrs Carrier, who taught us British History. She was passionate about the subject, and so intelligent. Now my son, aged 19, is studying History & Politics at Nottingham University, so clearly, her legacy lives on…. I liked hiding in the library at lunchtime (because I hated sport), and I remember a fabulous school trip to Paris with Mrs Kenyon, where we got very excited because there were actual boys staying in the same youth hostel."

After leaving Withington, Flic spent a year in Sheffield completing a course in Radio Broadcasting and Production and then studied English Literature at the University of Glasgow. After a year's study, Flic realised the course was too theoretical for her, and left to commence her career as a freelance journalist. Flic told us how her career quickly progressed from that point:

"I began writing for local magazines for free (such as the Big Issue & listings magazines), and when I had a portfolio of work, I went to see the Manchester Evening News. I began to freelance for them, and by the age of 25, I was the chief columnist. I had also started to write features and columns for national magazines and newspapers, and in my late 20s was asked to be Company Magazine's agony aunt; which later led to advice columns in The Express, the Mirror, and my own radio show on Key 103, called ‘Emotional Rescue' (!)."

Flic is currently the Acting Features Editor of a glossy magazine called Candis, and writes for the Daily Mail, the Mirror, Sunday Times Style, Red Magazine and the Guardian's online TV pages (amongst others). Her first novel The Only Friends You Need was recently published, and was well received by both critics and readers alike, and she is now planning her second novel, to be set in 1972, as well as working on a travel magazine website with her husband, called Road, Rail & Sea.

The passing of time means that Flic can see clearly the lasting benefit her education at Withington has had. "At the time, I was quite rebellious and I thought school was all far too restrictive for a free spirit like me. But I now realise what a good education it was- there was no national curriculum, so teachers were able to pass on their passion for their subjects, and we were encouraged to believe we could be as successful as we wanted to be. I developed a real love of writing at school, and was genuinely encouraged to be creative. Most crucially, I met my two closest friends at Withington- one still lives down the road from me in Sale, and one lives in Bath and I see her as often as I can. We've shared so much, I don't think anyone will ever know me as well as those two."

Flic's advice to fellow Alumnae and current pupils is to consider their prospective career carefully: "Never do something because it looks good on paper. Always ask if it's really suited to who you are, and how you want to live- then you'll find a career you really love. If you make a mistake- change your mind and do something different. It's not as hard as you think."

Published: 8th May 2012