Winmarleigh Weekend

Upper II pupils report on their weekend at Winmarleigh Hall

On the 3rd February 2012, Upper II went for an action packed weekend at Winmarleigh Hall. It was great fun and in every activity you were glad that you had taken part. You shared a room with all of your friends who encouraged you to have a go at everything. The most popular activities were the Sensory trail, Zip wire, Quad bikes and Jacob's ladder. The Disco was a chance to get dressed up and dance with friends.

Winmarleigh Weekend
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It was freezing outside so you needed to wrap up warm and there was mud too! We all had water proofs on! There was plenty of time to have snacks. The vending machine came in handy there! You made lots of new friends and found that many people had things in common with you. The food was lovely with multiple choices and the puddings were amazing. Everyone was tired by the time our weekend was over though we all wanted to stay for longer. We will never forget our fantastic adventure holiday. Winmarleigh Hall is great!
By I Wheeler

Upper ll enjoyed a weekend full of fun at Winmarleigh Hall. That enjoyable weekend included Low ropes, Zip-Wire, Quad biking, Rock climbing, Jacob's ladder, Sensory trail, Computer control, Controlling robots and Team challenge. The class was split up into three groups and they all had to work as a team to complete the challenges and activities.


Team Challenge
 "My favourite activity was the Team Challenge because it was fun and the obstacles required lots of teamwork to complete them.'" Zara

Even though the weather plummeted down to minus six degrees Celsius, we soldiered on and completed the immense challenges.


Jacob's Ladder
"I got to the top of Jacob's Ladder even though I felt like I was being pushed to my limit." Sophia

We all thoroughly enjoyed our weekend away and were very sad to say goodbye to Winmarleigh Hall.
By R Burling and P McMahon

Everybody enjoyed their time at Winmarleigh Hall. All of the activities were great fun especially the sensory trail and the zip wire. Some quotes from Winmarleigh include:

"You always have to be on your guard in low ropes!"

"You mix with people you don't normally play with."

"A fantastic way to end our exams!"

"Don't pack too much!"

The lunches and dinners were all really delicious but of course everyone loved the vending machines! Our last lunch consisted of kebabs and pitta bread … they were soon devoured.

All together

On Saturday night we all danced at the disco in our sparkliest party gear and danced until our legs ached. After that nobody could resist the urge of another trip to the vending machine.

We were all devastated when our fantastic weekend at Winmarleigh Hall came to an end and the struggle of hauling our suitcases down the stairs and packing up our sleeping bags began. It was upsetting to part with our fantastic groupie, Stacey.
Our weekend away was a fantastic finale to our exams!
By L Wheeler and S Gilmour