Kids Lit Quiz

The 2011 Kids Lit Team travelled to St Gregory's High School in Warrington for this year's regional heats of the Kids Lit Quiz 2011. On arrival they had to nominate a round in which to play their ‘joker' – any score here would be doubled. Should it be books featuring cannibals or colours, body parts or fish? Such is the diverse range of topics covered by this international quiz about reading.

Some questions caused an instant flurry of scribbling on answer sheets, others were more obscure, or required an excellent memory for detail. Our team achieved the top score in the Legends round, winning a book each as a prize.
Congratulations to the winners, Cockermouth School, who are gaining something of a reputation in Kids Lit Quiz circles and who go on to the UK national final at the University of Warwick on 2nd December. Thank you very much to St Gregory's for hosting the 21 schools who took part. Mrs D Sutton, Librarian

Kids Lit Quiz 2011

The Quiz from a pupil's point of view …

Lit Quiz- The truth from a girl's view, by Iris S

Inside St Gregory's Catholic High School the hall was jam-packed with tables surrounded by children. As we took our seats at our table the ‘quizmaster' came over and explained the sheet to us. There were ten categories, each with ten questions. The categories were: Authors, Body parts, Book Knowledge, Cannibalism, Colours, Comics, Fish, Islands, Legends and Mice. We could pick one ‘joker' which would double our score on that category. We chose Book Knowledge, thinking that it was general knowledge. It actually turned out that it was questions about the actual book, like: ‘What is the extra information at the bottom of the page, marked by an asterisk?'

At the end of every round the ‘quizmaster' would ask a question to the adults, rewarding them with a fiver book voucher. He would then ask the kids a question from the previous world final, rewarding the correct answer with a two pound coin. The highest scoring team from each round would get a book each.

Our team did very well, and we managed to answer most of the questions in each round. Each rounds scores were put up on an Excel spread sheet for the room to see, so you knew how you were doing. Unfortunately there were teams that could answer more questions than us, so in the end we came about 7th out of 21 teams.
Our scores were these out of 10: