Edinburgh Reunion a Scottish Success 2011

Guests at the Dinner

On Thursday 3rd November, over twenty Alumnae and their guests gathered together in Edinburgh to attend the ‘Withington in the City’ Alumnae event.

During the first part of the day, Alumnae spent a fascinating and entertaining afternoon at Our Dynamic Earth, a 4D interactive museum which tells the story of the earth’s formation and ongoing evolution.  Guests were first entertained by Professor Stuart Monro, the Scientific Director of the facility, who spoke of the origins of the museum and his involvement with it, as well as speaking of his esteemed career in the field of geology.  Professor Monro’s personable and friendly style held his audience in rapt attention, and his topical anecdotes proved to be of great interest.

A tour of the museum followed, and guests journeyed in a time machine to watch the formation of Earth before experiencing an earthquake, enjoying a 4D journey through the planet’s biospheres and watching a film in the museum’s Biodome. Coffee and pastries followed, giving Alumnae further opportunity to discuss the issues raised on their tour and to ask Professor Monro more questions about his involvement with the facility

After the visit to the museum came to a close, guests then travelled across the city to Iglu restaurant where they met up with other Alumnae to enjoy a delicious three course dinner and wine.  Alumnae of all ages soon became fast friends as they tasted dishes such as Boar Burger and Venison Pie, and many new friendships were forged.  As the evening drew to a close, and guests headed into the crisp November night, plans for future Edinburgh events for Scottish Alumnae were already afoot.   Our thanks go to 1961 leaver Catherine Wilson (nee Meredith), who helped to arrange this event.